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Restorative Yoga May 16, 2012

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Restorative Yoga is calming, relaxing. and allows the mind and body to reset and revitalize. Thankfully I have a friend, who is a yoga instructor, that has taught this and was able to teach my son Ben a few poses that he can do on his own to help him calm his mind and body.

After Ben was released from the hospital and we were still fighting the depression, but did not have the diagnosis of PANDAS (and did not even know that it existed at the time) we were trying to help Ben with his mood. I am grateful to our friend who suggested this, and came and taught him a few poses. His favorite is the Child’s Pose. At first he just started doing this every night before bed and I could see in his face, how being in that pose even for 3 minutes calmed him, he was so relaxed and ready for bed, and after starting the restorative yoga he stopped thrashing around in bed at night! ┬áHe now does a pose 3 times a day – when he wakes up, after he gets home from school and then before he goes to bed, and sometimes if he feels irritable or his mood is not quite right, I have him go do a yoga pose and he comes out of his bedroom looking so relaxed and ready to be with the family again.


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