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Paleo Parents June 15, 2012

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When creating this blog, my intention was to post more on PANDAS, but here lately it seems I have been posting much more on gluten-free eating than anything. I was doing research last night on the internet between PANDAS and gluten intolerance, I did find some interesting stories and studies. Researchers are wondering if a child with PANDAS, might have always been gluten intolerant but it was mild, and then PANDAS came along and everything flared up, including the gluten intolerance. Causing many autoimmune things to occur at once.

While searching for interesting Gluten-free articles, information, etc… I came across this great website called Paleo Parents and they have written a book Eat Like a Dinosaur, a recipe and guidebook for Gluten-free kids. I can not wait to get my copy! I will report back on the interesting information and the recipes that my boys like the best 🙂

“Open the door, get on the floor, everybody EAT like a dinosaur!”

Have a great weekend 🙂


Article in Parents Magazine May 9, 2012

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In the April Issue of Parents Magazine there was an article about PANDAS – nice to see that information is getting out


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