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The Ultimate in Gluten-Free – Going Paleo! May 18, 2012

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As our family was going gluten-free, we found information about the “Paleo Diet”. I hate to use the word diet, when I think of the word diet, I think of someone that is changing the way they are eating for a short period of time until they get the results they want (usually weight loss). I like to look at our change in what we eat as more of a conscious effort to eat healthier and be aware of gluten and dairy in all items. That is why the Paleo way of eating seems great because all foods suggested have no gluten or dairy in them! Here is a link to Robb Wolf’s website and about his book “The Paleo Solution”. It is informative with research about why our bodies can not handle gluten and dairy, and even if you think you are fine eating grains, why grains are not healthy for you.

I did not think I had a problem with grains, but after being gluten-free for awhile, I feel like I have more energy and I have lost weight (bonus!). Our youngest son has had asthma, allergies and dry eyes for most of his life – and this year the dry eyes were getting worse even with the added eye drops we used daily. Since going gluten/dairy free – I can’t even tell he has allergies/asthma and we just saw his eye doctor for a check-up and his dry eyes are improving! That is plenty of proof for me that he is going to stay gluten-free!


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