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Better Eyesight August 10, 2012

In my last post I mentioned Dr. Rodney Ford’s new book: Gluten: Zero Global, and how our health has improved since going gluten free.  Well you are not going to believe this…my sons just went to the eye doctor and they no longer need to wear glasses!  My middle son has been wearing glasses all the time since he was five years old – for the past eight years – and they were no joke glasses – I could not see out of his prescription.

When the optometrist told me this I was elated and ran home and did research – some researchers believe that gluten can cause inflammation in the muscles and that includes even the muscles around your eyes – so if you remove the gluten, you decrease the inflammation and correcting your eyesight. Now this might not be the case for everyone if they go gluten free or it might take longer than it did for our children. But here is more proof that we don’t need gluten in our bodies or our diets.


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