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Curcumin Anyone? May 26, 2012

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Before PANDAS came into our lives, I had heard about and even cooked with Tumeric, but I did not realize the many health benefits in this one spice. At the time my boys’ were diagnosed with PANDAS, they started antibiotics, gluten-free diet (because of the test results showing high gluten intolerance), and the addition of Enhansa (┬áblend of curcuminoids) along with their daily multivitamin.

As the boys started getting better, I wondered what is really working, we changed so many things at one time. I tried to tell myself, it doesn’t matter they are getting better, but I still wondered. Then one weekend I ran out of Enhansa and found out that everything we were doing was working, because by Monday morning both boys woke up feeling horrible, complaining of their stomach hurting, headache, body aches. I RAN to the doctor’s office to get more Enhansa and by Tuesday night they were feeling better. Nothing else in their diet, supplements, or antibiotics had changed except for the missing Enhansa. That convinced me that there is really something to this spice, now I have researched it more and scientist show that it is helping with cancer, Alzheimer’s and other autoimmune diseases.

Here are two links that I found interesting. One is a description of Tumeric and the other site has links to quite a few research studies looking at how Tumeric helps.

Check out the PANDAS support group – Columbus, OH Facebook Page┬ácome ask questions, have discussions, meet other families of children with PANDAS.


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