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Coconut, it’s good for you! July 24, 2012

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Before my son got sick, I thought we ate a well-rounded Food Pyramid diet. But then things changed and we had to rethink our way of eating. In doing so I have been researching alternatives to our dairy and found coconut! I found out that coconut is antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial, it is called a “functional food” because it provides added health benefits beyond it’s nutrient content. Here is a link from the Coconut Research Center listing all the benefits of  coconut.  I also read in Natural News that coconut oil is a great anti-aging moisturizer, helps speed up metabolism, and helps prevent fatigue! Need I say more for all us busy moms!

We are using coconut milk and coconut oil in our smoothies and for all our cooking needs – I am going to make an effort to note how healthy we are this winter as all those viruses come out when the children go back to school – and hopefully be thanking the wonderful coconut!


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