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Gluten: Zero Global Preview August 8, 2012

Dr. Rodney Ford is releasing a book Gluten: Zero Global here is a preview of  the book – you might need to register on Smashword – but it is worth it to see what he has to say about Gluten.  He feels, as I do also, that everyone should stop eating gluten – the Standard American Diet (SAD) – very funny acronym by the way, is making everyone sick, it is truly a sad way to eat. The majority of processed foods contain some form of gluten. People are becoming extremely overweight, diseases that were rare are increasing steadily, people are dying at younger ages, cancer rates are increasing…the list is endless, unfortunately.

I have proof with my family that gluten is evil. We did not think we had any issues and then when my middle son got sick with PANDAS and we found out he had a high level of gluten antibodies also in his system – we all became gluten-free. Since this we have discovered that my youngest has one of the genes that is known to cause Celiac.  My middle son has always been a great eater – eating tons of fruits and vegetables but we also have had bread in the house and according to the food pyramid – you should eat healthy grains and the more they pack into a loaf of bread the better!  We have now been gluten-free for five months and the drastic difference in all our health is unbelievable – Both my husband and I feel more energetic, happier, no bloated or upset stomachs, we have  lost weight. With the boys – they are more energetic, my middle son has a twinkle in his eye again, and my youngest has commented that his chest is not tight – he feels his asthma has gone away and we have not used an inhaler in the past 5 months. He has been battling with asthma since he was one! I truly believe these results are because we removed gluten from our diet!

I encourage everyone to read his book and go gluten-free for a healthier life and future!


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