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Put a Little Dirt in Your Diet! July 11, 2012

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When I was growing up I often heard a saying “A little dirt won’t hurt you!” Well according to this article in the New York Times that may be true! Our society right now is trying to get rid of dirt – hand sanitizer, special Microban plastic for highchairs and infant toys, and many other antibacterial products – this may all sound good, but as we are killing off the bad germs we are also taking the good germs with them, leaving us stripped to nothing so when bad germs come along our bodies and immune systems have to fight harder to kill them off. Same goes for our food – it is being sprayed to ward all bad things off, but it is also killing off the good microbes that our bodies need. That is why, according to this article, being part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) when your fruits and vegetables are delivered to you or you purchase them from a local Farmer’s Market – they contain tons of good microbes to help your immune system fight off whatever comes its way.

Here is a link to Local Harvest, this website has information on what a CSA is and a way to look in your area to see when a Farmer’s Market is held or contact a local CSA, so you can start to put a little dirt back in your diet!


One Response to “Put a Little Dirt in Your Diet!”

  1. Tammy Says:

    This article really has people talking! I think it’s true. I’ve begun making water kefir and kombucha to assist our family.

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