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Back from Vacation! July 9, 2012

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We had a great vacation traveling by car across the United States but it is nice to be back home – even though storms just came through last week and took out our power for a few days! We went through 16 different states, drove 6,125 miles and saw many great wonders of the United States such as: west part of the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Redwood Groves, Pacific Ocean, Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands. As I had mentioned in a past post, I was apprehensive about going on vacation with my middle son, who has the gluten issues, because we would be eating out so much, but most lunch and breakfast times we prepared our own food. We made it through with only 3 cross-contamination episodes, while I would have liked to have had none I think on a 14 day trip we did fairly well, and we learned along the way. One thing we learned was, we need to ask for the manager if the server does not suggest it.

In my last post I mentioned the Find Me Gluten-Free app that was great and helped us on our journey,  I had also mentioned the restaurants that we had visited part way through our vacation that were amazing! The second part of our journey:  in Venice Beach, CA – Fresh Brothers – they have a gluten-free menu and their kitchen is a GREAT kitchen in accordance with a training program of the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness, their salad and pizza were amazing! In San Francisco we ate at PF Changs, the waitress was very knowledgeable and they have a gluten-free menu. Next we headed to West Yellowstone, MT – a very small, quaint town on the west entrance of Yellowstone. Our app showed nothing gluten-free available in West Yellowstone, but thankfully someone posted on TripAdvisor (another great app) that they had been to a local cafe that knew about Celiac and gluten-free options, this amazing place is called SmokeJumper Cafe the owner is also the chef and server! He made us gluten-free waffles for breakfast and we went back for dinner for his gluten-free fish and chips – they were exceptional!


One Response to “Back from Vacation!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    So glad you guys had a safe GF trip!

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