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A Gluten-Free World! June 13, 2012

Filed under: Gluten-Free Information,Health — uamamabear @ 10:22 pm

Check out this website by Dr. Rodney Ford, he feels that gluten is not good for anybody, no matter what your test results say. I agree!  Two of my sons have had their gluten levels tested and we are waiting on the results of my youngest son – my oldest son his gluten levels were very low, but my middle son’s levels were super high. This is the reason we became a gluten free home. But now having gone gluten-free – the whole family feels better. My oldest son, a teenager, when he goes out with friends he will eat pizza, subs, hamburgers…and then the next day will be irritable. Finally this last time he realized how snappy he was being, so hopefully this will help with future outings!


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