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Gluten-free App June 18, 2012

My biggest concern about going on vacation was making sure my son was going to be safely eating gluten-free while we travelled.  Thanks to an app my husband put on our phones we have been able to accomplish this. You can find this app on their website:   Every restaurant we have selected from this app has been amazing! The restaurants that we have eaten at so far that have been knowledgable and aware of the need to be gluten-free and have had great dishes so far: BJs Brewhouse-Colorado Springs,CO; City O’City-Denver, CO;  Hugo’s – West Hollywood, CA; The Interim Cafe-Santa Monica, CA; Newport Rib Company – Costa Mesa, CA

I will follow-up with other additional restaurants throughout our journey 🙂

Happy Dining!


Paleo Parents June 15, 2012

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When creating this blog, my intention was to post more on PANDAS, but here lately it seems I have been posting much more on gluten-free eating than anything. I was doing research last night on the internet between PANDAS and gluten intolerance, I did find some interesting stories and studies. Researchers are wondering if a child with PANDAS, might have always been gluten intolerant but it was mild, and then PANDAS came along and everything flared up, including the gluten intolerance. Causing many autoimmune things to occur at once.

While searching for interesting Gluten-free articles, information, etc… I came across this great website called Paleo Parents and they have written a book Eat Like a Dinosaur, a recipe and guidebook for Gluten-free kids. I can not wait to get my copy! I will report back on the interesting information and the recipes that my boys like the best 🙂

“Open the door, get on the floor, everybody EAT like a dinosaur!”

Have a great weekend 🙂


A Gluten-Free World! June 13, 2012

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Check out this website by Dr. Rodney Ford, he feels that gluten is not good for anybody, no matter what your test results say. I agree!  Two of my sons have had their gluten levels tested and we are waiting on the results of my youngest son – my oldest son his gluten levels were very low, but my middle son’s levels were super high. This is the reason we became a gluten free home. But now having gone gluten-free – the whole family feels better. My oldest son, a teenager, when he goes out with friends he will eat pizza, subs, hamburgers…and then the next day will be irritable. Finally this last time he realized how snappy he was being, so hopefully this will help with future outings!


Traveling with Celiac or Gluten Intolerance June 11, 2012

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Since finding out about my son’s High Gluten levels and the household  becoming gluten-free starting the beginning of March, I have been nervous to eat out. Through talking to friends and being connected to a local Gluten-Free Facebook Page, Gluten-Free Gang, we have ventured out to Chipotle once or twice.

Then I came across this great blog Gluten-free Mom  and she has tips on traveling while eating Gluten-free and having Celiac. One of the links on her blog is a Gluten Free Dining Guide – finding this gave me a sigh of relief that maybe our vacation was going to work out and I was not going to be as high strung as I was feeling it was going to be!

Happy Dining!


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