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Celiac Awareness Month May 29, 2012

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May is Celiac Awareness Month – and I am a little late to the party 🙂 There are only two days left in the month of May, but I wanted to share a great blog that a friend  sent me: GlutenDude He is putting a post on his blog each day for all 31 days of May to help with Celiac Awareness. So now you can enjoy 29 of those post instantly!

Something else to share for those skeptics (myself included) about gluten causing anything other than digestion discomfort. I have seen the changes occur in my middle son that it is true, gluten affects him, but I was not really sure about myself until this weekend! My oldest son and I went to a soccer tournament over Memorial Day weekend and yes I ate some gluten, it did not really bother my stomach, and I thought well I guess that it does not bother me that much one way or another. By Monday though I was very lethargic and grouchy, and my oldest very snappy at his brothers. It hit me today – it’s the GLUTEN!! I told my son today, we are going to be much more strict about staying off gluten and he happily agreed, he must be noticing his irritable mood also.


2 Responses to “Celiac Awareness Month”

  1. Vicki Says:

    It is amazing isn’t it? Have you guys noticed the same thing with dairy?

  2. garmin 1490t Says:

    Thanks a ton for posting this, I discovered it incredibly informative, and it answered most with the concerns I had.

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